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Cyclomundo Booking Conditions

The company "CYCLOMUNDO" is a travel agency, with a share capital of € 10,000 headquartered at 18 rue René Cassin, 74240 Gaillard registered under the RCS number 448 734 590 00020. It is listed as a travel agency with Atout France under the number IM074100075.  Cyclomundo is a member of APST, which provides financial protection. Cyclomundo is covered by MMA guaranteeing its professional liability.

These terms and conditions govern Cyclomundo's travel or accommodation sales according to the definition of the articles L.211-1 and R.211-1 of the Code of Tourism. The purchase of Cyclomundo's services implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions are subject to change. It is up to each customer to check the terms and conditions of our website at the time of booking.




The descriptions on Cyclomundo's website inform the customers, prior to their reservation, of the content of the included services and prices. 

You can sign up for trips with Cylomundo by filling out the "Book Now" form featured on each tour page.  

After checking hotel availability with each hotel, Cyclomundo will send a confirmation message that includes a payment link allowing the client to settle payment of the 100-euro-per-person deposit.  If not paid by the date stated in our confirmation message, hotel rooms will be released and the trip cancelled.

If the selected journey and its options are not available, Cyclomundo informs the client about the alternatives and a quote for each option. 

The final invoice is sent 45 days prior to the trip departure date.  Clients are given 7 days to settle payment. If not paid within 7 days, the trip is cancelled and the 100-euro-per-person deposit is kept as a credit towards a future trip (to be booked by the end of the following year). 

Cancellations occuring once the trip has been paid in full are subject to a fee:
-  200 euros per person if done 31 to 45 days prior to the trip departure.
-  50% of the invoiced amount if done 15 to 30 days prior to the trip departure. 
-  100% of the invoiced amount if done less than 14 days prior to the trip departure date. 




The tour descriptions list what is included in the price and what is not. The categories of the hotels used on specific tours are specified in each tour description. Our rates are based on standard room rates.  

In the event Cyclomundo has to rely on hotels/rooms of a higher/lesser standard than those listed in our tour description, the price of the tour will be revised to reflect the price difference. 

When a modified trip (extra nights/shorter tours) is booked by Client, the price of the modified tour is clearly listed in Cyclomundo's confirmation message. 

2.1. After booking: Modification or cancellation by client 
Before the departure
A processing fee of 35 euros will be charged for any change request (change of travel dates, duration, name change, change of bikes, etc.) up to 31 days before arrival. A processing fee of 60 euros will apply for any changes done between 7 and 30 days before arrival. Changes requested within 6 days or less before departure date are not possible.

If one or more travellers, registered as part of a party cancels before the departure date, the trip can be maintained but any extra costs generated by the cancellation of the traveller will be at the charge of the other participants and will have to be paid to Cyclomundo before departure.

During the trip
Changes made by Client during the trip--such as the interruption of the tour or the release of certain services listed in our tour description do not qualify for a refund. 

If you arrive late at some places pre-booked for you (restaurants, wine tour, etc..) and listed in your road book (or daily sheets), Cyclomundo will make every effort to find alternatives, but under no circumstances will be liable for not having fulfilled the expected services.

The cost of changes (transfer by taxi, and other charges) will be at your expense and is to be paid on the spot to our partners.

Cyclomundo will not be responsible for non-fulfilment due to the weather or any case of force majeure. 

2.2.: After booking:  Modification by Cyclomundo
Before the departure
If prior to departure, Cyclomundo is forced to make a significant change in the services included in the trip, Cyclomundo will notify Client.

Further to this notification, Client can:
- either cancel the contract and obtain a full refund of all paid amounts with no claim to damages.
- either accept the amendment proposed by Cyclomundo. In that case a new purchase order will be established with the changes. In the case of a price decrease, the overpayment will be repaid before the departure date.

The client must inform Cyclomundo of its decision (acceptance of the modification or cancellation) within 7 after notification has been sent to Client. The lack of reply within this time period shall be understood as acceptance of the proposed amendment.

In the event that we must cancel a tour, full refunds will be provided for the tour package. SARL Cyclomundo will not be responsible for any additional charges such as non-refundable airline tickets.

During the trip
If Cyclomundo has to make significant changes in the services included in the tour, representing a significant percentage of the price, Cyclomundo will make every effort to replace them by services of a similar standard. If services are of an inferior standard, Cyclomundo will reimburse the customer for the price difference.



A deposit of 100 euros per person is requested to have a trip booked. Deposit has to be paid within 7 days after Cyclomundo's confirmation message has been sent--unless clearly stated otherwise in Cyclomundo's confirmation message. 

Cyclomundo sends voucher and invoice 45 days or more prior to the trip start date. Balance has to be paid within 7 from the day voucher and invvoice have been sent.  If final payment is not made by due date, the tour is considered cancelled, all charges being on the customer account, without prejudice to further any legal action against the client.  

Methods of payment
Preferred method of payment is credit card (Visa or MasterCard) via the payment link generated via our payment system. Bank transfers, or cash to the extent permitted by law are also accepted.


Some administrative and sanitary formalities can be required for the trip. This is the customer responsibility to get informed of the required formalities, to apply and possibly to pay the charges.

Before you register to start your trip, you must ensure that you are in possession of a passport or other document, which is valid and consistent with the transit and/or entry requirements of the country (ies) of the trip. We draw your attention on the fact that some countries require the passport to be valid more than 6 months after the return date.

The consequences of non-compliance of police, customs or health regulations by the traveller as to be unable to start the trip at the scheduled date are the customer's responsibility. In case the traveller does not comply with the required regulations or their passage is refused at customs, Cyclomundo can't be held responsible for any consequences and is not required to refund the paid sums.

Clients are responsible for selecting a trip that suits their abilities, level of fitness and state of health.  Cyclomundo can refuse the participation of a client judged to be unfit for biking activities. 

Client has to abide by traffic rules and regulations. 

Client is fully responsible for the condition of the rented bike at the end of the trip. Client agrees to pay for the repairs of the damage. 

Client may be required to leave a credit card imprint at time of rental as a deposit to cover damage/loss. In the event of any damage/loss, the client will be held responsible for the repair/replacement of the damaged/lost bike.

Cyclomundo SARL and its agents and associates act only as agents for the traveler and can accept no responsibility for the service of any tour operator, accommodation, restaurant or carrier used in connection with this tour, nor any liability for claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss to persons or property.

Cyclomundo SARL and its agents and associates assume no responsibility for any sickness, theft, labor disputes, breakdowns, road closures, acts of war and terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control. Cyclomundo SARL cannot be held responsible for any expense or inconvenience caused by such events.

In no event shall Cyclomundo be liable for damages arising from cases of force majeure and of exceptional circumstances, for acts of a third party not normally involved in providing services stipulated in the contract or for the total non-performance or poor performance of the contract for any reason when the client is responsible.

Cyclomundo shall not be liable for the performance of the services purchased locally by the client and not provided with the description, or the transfer to and from the starting and arrival place of the trip.

Cyclomundo shall not be liable for any delays, changes of schedules or routes of the carrier, train or airlines, the customer decides to use before, after or during the trip. Expenses incurred by Client due to any delays, changes of schedules, or routes are the Client's responsibility and shall not be paid by Cyclomundo. 



Insurance: We strongly advise our clients to purchase travel insurance.  All clients should have a third party personal liability insurance in case clients cause damage/accident to a third party (pedestrian, cyclist, etc…)




Any issue should be communicated to the SARL Cyclomundo representative. Every effort will be made to have the issue addressed in a timely manner. Any other complaints should be made in writing and sent to SARL Cyclomundo by registered mail within 30 days of the end of the trip. No complaints will be entertained after this period.

In the event that an out-of-court settlement cannot be agreed on, all disputes will be settled by the court of Thonon-les-Bains (Tribunal de Grande Instance de Thonon-les-Bains).

18 rue Rene Cassin
74240 Gaillard
Tel: +33 4 50 87 21 09
E-mail: info@cyclomundo.com



Cyclomundo collects personal information in compliance with the French law of January, 6th, 1978 regarding personal data. The collection of personal data is solely done to ensure the fulfilment of contracts. Cyclomundo may, for the purpose of the trip, be required to communicate its data to its providers (hotels, restaurants ...). Customers have a right to access, modify, correct or delete his/her personal data (art. 38 and following. of the amended French Law of January, 8 1978) that Cyclomundo has collected.

To exercise your rights, please contact Cyclomundo, 18 rue René Cassin, 74240 Gaillard

Extracts of the Code of Tourism

Article R211-3: Modified by Decree N° 2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art1
Except the exclusions stated in chapters 3 and 4 in article L.211-7, any proposal or sale of travel services or journeys are followed by the issuing of proper documentation as ruled in the present chapter; In case of selling airline tickets or tickets on regular lines without any extra services, the seller delivers to the buyer one or more tickets to cover the entire trip, issued by the line and under his responsibility. In case of transportation on demand, the name and address of the line must be mentioned. The separated billing of the different services from the same package doesn't shirk the seller from the obligations specified in this chapter.

Article R211-3-1: Signed by Decree N° 2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art1
The information of the pre-contract data or the display of contract conditions must be in writing. They can be online as specified in articles 1369-1 to 1369-11 of the Civil Code. Are mentioned the name and address of the seller as well as the registration number specified in (a) in article L.141-3 or the name, address and registration number to the union mentioned on line 2 of article R.211-2.

Article R211-4: Signed by Decree N° 2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art1
Before signing the contract, the seller must inform the buyer of the prices, the dates and all other constituent elements of the services provided on the trip or journey such as:
1/ the destination, the means, characteristics and categories of transportation used;
2/ the accommodation, its location, level of comfort and main characteristics, and its tourism classification corresponding to the regulations or practices of the destination country;
3/ the catering services proposed;
4/ the itinerary in the case of a tour;
5/ the administrative and sanitary formalities required for the national or EU citizens or coming from a country who has an agreement with the EU, in particular , regarding crossing the border and the delay to have these formalities done;
6/ the visits, excursions or other services included in the total price of the journey or the holiday or possible to order with extra costs;
7/ the minimum and maximum size of a group necessary to organise the trip or journey and if the accomplishment of it depends on the number of participants, the latest date to inform the customer in case of trip or journey cancellation : this deadline cannot be more than 21 days before departure;
8/ the amount or percentage of the price to be paid as down payment when the contract is signed and the date to pay the balance;
9/the clauses of any revision of the prices as specified in the contract of article R211-8;
10/ the conditions for cancelling the contract;
11/ the conditions for cancelling as per the article R.211-9, R.211-10 and R.211-11;
12/ the information regarding subscribing an optional insurance policy covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation or assistance covering certain specific risks, such as repatriation in the event of accident or illness;
13/ when the contract includes airway transportation, the information for each part of the flight described in article R.211-15 to R.211-18.

Article R211-5: Modified by Decree N° 2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art1
The preliminary information presented to the consumer involves the seller, except if in it he, expressively, expresses the right to modification. In that case the seller must clearly mention how much and on what subjects are the possible modifications. In any case, the modifications to the basic information must be communicated to the buyer before signing the contract.

Article R211-6: Modified by Decree N°2009-1650-December 23rd,2009
The contract between the buyer and the seller must be in writing , in 2 copies, one for the buyer and signed by both parties. When the contract is set online, the articles 1369-1 to 1369-11 apply.

The contract must include:
1/ the seller's name and address, its guaranty, insurance company and the name and address of the tour operator
2/ the destination (s) of the trip and in case of partial journeys, the different periods with dates
3/ the means of transport and the characteristics and categories of transport used, dates and places of departure and return
4/ the accommodation, its location, level of comfort and main characteristics, its certification and tourism classification corresponding to the regulations or practices of the destination country
5/ Meals provided
6/ a description of the itinerary in the case of a tour
7/ the visits, excursions and other services included in the package
8/ the total price of the services billed and the information of any possible revision as per the article R.211-8
9/ the information, when applies, on fees, taxes related to services such as airport taxes, boarding, landing in the ports or airports, tourist taxes when they are not included in the package price
10/ the amount or percentage of the price payable as a deposit on signing the contract, and the date scheduled for the payment of the balance. The last payment by the buyer cannot be less than 30% of the price of the journey and must be completed before receiving the information and vouchers covering the trip
11/ the special agreements between buyer and seller
12/ the ways for the buyer to claim to the seller for none or poor performance of the contract, the claim must be made to the seller as soon as possible, by any means providing an acknowledgement of receipt, or notified in writing to the tour operator or the service provider
13/ the deadline to inform the buyer of the cancellation of a trip by the seller in case of the necessity of a minimum participant to organise the trip follows the part 7 of Article R.211-4
14/ the contractual cancellation conditions
15/ the cancellation conditions stated in the articles R.211-9, R.211-10 & R.211-11
16/ the details of the risks covered and the amounts guaranteed under the insurance policy covering professional civil liability in the case of travel agencies
17/ the information about the option of taking out insurance to cover the consequences of certain cases of cancellation (insurance company name and contract number) or certain specific risks such as repatriation expenses in the event of accident or illness; in that case, the seller must provide the information of the covered risks and the ones not covered
18/ the latest date required by the seller to be informed of a transfer of contract by the buyer
19/ the commitment to give to the buyer, at least 10 days prior to the departure date, the following information:
a) The name, address and telephone number of the seller local agent, or when not available, name, address and telephone number of any local organisations able to help out the buyer in case of difficulty, or at least, the hotline number of the seller
b) Regarding the trips and journeys of underage customers abroad, a telephone number and an address allowing a direct contact with the child or with the person in charge during his/her trip
20/ the conditions of cancellation and reimbursement without cancellation fees of the down payment in case of lack to inform as planned in N° 13 of the article R.211-4
21/ the commitment to provide to the buyer, in due time, before the beginning of the trip, the time of departure and arrival. Article R211-7: Modified by Decree N°2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art.1 The buyer may transfer his/her contract to a party who fulfil the same conditions to register to the trip, as far as this trip did not start yet. Except condition more favourable to the transferor, the latter must inform the seller by any means providing acknowledge of receipt at the latest seven days prior to the beginning of the trip. When applying to a cruise, this delay is fifteen days. The transfer does not need, in any case, a preliminary seller agreement.

Article R211-8: Modified by Decree N°2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art.1
When the contract provides explicitly for the possibility of price revision, within the limits defined in article L.211-12, it must state the precise calculation methods for variations in price, either upwards or downwards, in particular the amounts of transport fees and associated taxes, the currency or currencies which could affect the price of the trip or journey , the element of the price subject to variation, and the rate of the currency or currencies used as a reference when calculating the price given in the contract.

Article R211-9: Modified by Decree N°2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art.1
If the vendor is obliged to make a change to one of the essential elements of the contract, such as a significant price rise, before the buyer's departure, and doesn't inform as mentioned in the article R.211-4 chapter 13° the buyer may, without affecting any claims for compensation to cover any losses incurred, and after being informed by the vendor by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt:
- either cancel the contract and obtain full and immediate reimbursement of any sums paid
- or accept the modification or the replacement trip offered by the vendor: an amendment to the contract specifying the changes made is then signed by both parties: any reduction in price is deducted from the sums still payable by the buyer, and if the payments already made by the buyer exceed the modified price for the service the excess must be repaid to the buyer before the date of his or her departure.

Article R211-10: Modified by Decree N°2009-1650-December 23rd, 2009-art.1
In the case provided for in article L.211-15, when the vendor cancels the trip or the journey before the buyer's departure, the vendor must inform the buyer by any mean providing an acknowledgement of receipt; the buyer, without affecting any claims for compensation to cover any losses incurred obtains from the vendor the full and immediate reimbursement of any sums paid; in this case, the buyer receives compensation at least equal to the penalty he or she would have had to pay if the cancellation had come from him or her on the same date. The provisions of this article in no way constitute a barrier to the reaching of a mutual agreement under which the buyer accepts a replacement trip or journey offered by the vendor.

Article R211-11: If, after the buyer's departure, the vendor finds it impossible to provide a significant part of the services agreed in the contract, representing a non-negligible percentage of the price paid by the buyer, the vendor must immediately take the following steps, without affecting any claim for compensation to cover any losses incurred:
- either offer new services to replace the planned services, the vendor bearing any extra cost involved, and if the services accepted by the buyer are of lesser quality, the vendor must reimburse the difference in price as soon as the buyer returns.
- or, if the vendor cannot offer replacement services or if such services are refused by the buyer for valid reasons, the vendor must supply to the buyer, at no extra cost, travel tickets for the buyer's return to the departure point or to another place accepted by both parties, under conditions that can be considered equivalent. The clauses of this article are applicable when the obligation mentioned in the article R.211-4 chapter 13 is not respected.