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Champagne-Ardenne / Champagne Wine Region

There’s nothing quite like sipping a glass of Champagne to make you feel fancy, so just imagine the sensation of savouring the bubbly beverage right in its region of origin! Historically the province of Champagne (today, Champagne-Ardenne), it is here at the northwest edge of France that the renowned sparkling wine marks its beginnings as well as its path to prestige. Wine production in the region began in the Middle Ages, with sparkling wine taking over in the 17th and 18th centuries, as it became a favourite with the French elite. Fast forward to today, where Champagne takes up the vast majority of the area’s astonishing 282.37 km² (109 square miles) of vineyards!


Travelling through Champagne is a real delight, especially as you come to recognize how the wine flows through every aspect of the region. From vine-covered landscapes to production houses small and large (does Moet et Chandon ring a bell?), to the cellars of Pommery and Ruinart where art and wine unite, it’s hard to escape the incredible impact of Champagne. A refined local cuisine pairs perfectly with the elegant drink, as you’ll find in delectable Langres and Chaource cheeses and the pink biscuits of Reims. Even the UNESCO World Heritage Sites you’ll explore along the way include fourteen cellars, hillsides, and wineries; as well as the Palace of Tau in Reims, where newly-crowned French kings would preside over their wine-laden coronation banquets.


Quiet roads and paths winding through a lush landscape make cycling in Champagne a leisurely affair, especially with the additional prospect of tours and tastings in typical Champagne villages and the lively commercial centres of Reims and Epernay. Historic monuments, architectural splendour, and museums of art and culture in towns like Chalon-en-Champagne, Troyes, Chaumont, and Charleville-Mézières round out the experience with appropriate sophistication. 


Let’s raise a glass to your adventure in Champagne!

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