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Castilla and Leon: Kingdom of Castles!

Breathtaking views in Segovia

Nicknamed the Kingdom of Castles, with hundreds of magnificent castles, forts, and patrolled walls creating the landscape, Castile and Leon is recognized as Spain’s largest region and an epicenter for the creation of what Spanish culture is today. Located in the interior of the northern part of Spain, and offering some of the largest diversity of natural landscapes in Europe as well as magnificent monuments and gastronomy, this region is bound to entice you on your next cycling adventure! World Heritage Sites – from the picturesque medieval city of Avila to the architectural awe that is Salamanca – fill this province with sights and attractions that feel straight out of a dream. 

The depth of the region’s long standing traditions and remarkable history are not only reflected by sights like Las Médulas – the largest open-air golden mine excavated during the period of the Roman Empire– but also through its magnificent gastronomy. Specialities including roast suckling pig, roast milk-fed lamb and cured meats like "Botillo", a regional emblem, come together to display the art that is Castile and Leon’s cuisine. 

Living and breathing history with awe-striking attractions like the Episcopal Palace by Gaudí and Burgos Cathedral, myriads of landscapes from lush mountains to enchanting hidden valleys, and of course the sensational Spanish wine, Castile and Leon is sure to leave you amazed!

Breathtaking views in Segovia Panoramic view of the stunning Sepulveda

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