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From Geneva to Montreux

Cet itinéraire à vélo parcourt la campagne suisse. 6
Spring in Geneva with the Jet d'eau in the background From Geneva to Montreux: cycling along the lake Most of the riding will be done on very quiet roads through the Swiss countryside Gruyères, a cheese and chocolate paradise The ride takes cyclists along Lake Geneva and its small harbors On the top of Chateau de Chillon, near Montreux
Cet itinéraire à vélo parcourt la campagne suisse.

From Geneva to Montreux

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Come and experience the magic that Switzerland has to offer! From the business hub of Geneva, to the musical town of Montreux, your ride will be filled with beautiful views of Europe’s second-largest freshwater lake, and of course, plenty of delicious Swiss chocolate. You will be treated to varying landscapes: bodies of water, mountain slopes, and man-made architecture, including Lausanne’s International Olympic Committee headquarters—where you’ll feel right at home with many other cyclists.


Quench your thirst for a swivel at the Swiss Alps, sample the local cheese and a dip of fondue at Gruyères, and experience a true Alpine setting in Gstaad. You decide how to end your tour: take the 1,240-meter climb to Montreux, or hop aboard the modern Swiss trains to get there. Cap off your journey with a relaxing glass of wine, a medley of Swiss chocolate and some jazz, as you gaze into the serene views of the Alps reflected on Lake Geneva.


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D1Sunday: Arrival in Geneva


Welcome to the global city of Geneva! As a worldwide center for diplomacy, numerous international organizations call Geneva home, such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. A melting pot of different cultures, the country embraces 184 different nationalities—you can easily be at ease once you arrive. 

The airport and the train station are separated by a 10-minute ride. From here, you can visit the Palais des Nations (the European headquarters of the United Nations), shop for a genuine Swiss watch, and of course, enjoy a bite or two of the world-famous Swiss chocolate! Don’t forget to visit the lake and marvel at the Jet d’Eau, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The fountain is situated where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhône River.

D2Monday: Geneva to Lausanne 70 km/44 miles, 635 meters/2,085 ft of climbing


After getting outfitted for your bike and briefed about your exciting upcoming itinerary, pack some chocolate for the ride and get ready to cycle! You’ll follow a scenic route, with the lake never far from sight. Your destination is Lausanne, also known as the Olympic capital. 

Lausanne is a picturesque city, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, with the Jura Mountains to its northwest. Nestled amongst the vineyards, the city is part of a noted wine growing region, so feel free to sample a wine, or two! An athletic city, you’re sure to see many people taking advantage of the natural playground that Mother Nature has supplied.

From runners to cyclists, there’s always bound to be fellow athletes out and about. So relax and enjoy dinner with a view, while you fuel up for tomorrow’s ride!

D3Tuesday: Lausanne to Gruyères 64 km/40 miles, 980 meters/3,215 ft of climbing


Make your way to the village that lends its name to the famous cheese, Gruyères! Leave the lake behind as you make your way inland, gaining elevation as you go. Test your muscles as you climb from Vevey into the mountains, climbing 500 meters over a 13 km stretch!

If your legs just aren’t feeling it, don’t worry, you can skip this climb by taking a funicular. Reward yourself with a hearty lunch in one of the town’s café spots. Picturesque views and medieval architecture surround you; take the opportunity to enter the Castle of Gruyères — a Swiss heritage site of national significance.
Snap a picture, or step into the castle while indulging in local delicacies. With the pleasant views and rich food in Gruyères, you’ll never go hungry!

D4Wednesday: Gruyères to Gstaad Short option: 42 km/26 miles, 815 meters/2,680 ft of climbing; Long option: 66 km/41 miles, 1230 meters/4,040 ft of climbing


As you go upwards into the Swiss Alps, you’ll enter the genuine alpine village of Gstaad. Now, you’ve probably deduced from the name; no, Toto — you’re not in French-speaking Switzerland anymore, so get ready to “sprechen deutsch” with your best German accent! You have two options for this ride: a shorter option and a longer option that passes by Lake Gruyères. Either choice is sure to delight! 

This alpine village is a popular destination amongst high society and international jet-setters. See hearty Swiss Chalets — some even have multiple underground floors which are connected by tunnels! Walk around town, do some shopping, or choose some quiet moments up on the hills.
There are plenty of hiking trails with varying difficulties, but the crisp mountain air and breath taking views will never disappoint!

D5Thursday: Gstaad to Montreux 78 km/48 miles, 1,460 meters/4,790 ft of climbing. Alternative: train to Montreux (1h30 train ride with optional cycling loop departing from Montreux) Optional loop from Montreux: 26km/16 miles, 645 meters/2,115 ft of climbing.


Leaving the life of luxury and fame behind, get ready for a challenging day of cycling! If you’re not feeling up for an adventure, there is the option to take the train from Gstaad to Montreux and do a loop from town. For those of you feeling particularly strong, pick out your favorite jersey and get ready to pedal! 

Montreux is a picturesque town, boasting one of the most beautiful walks along the lake. Running short on your castle views during your cycling tour? Quench your architectural thirst with the Château de Chillon. This castle provides a marvelous view of the entire Lake of Geneva and can be easily accessed via bus, train, bike, walk or even boat!

Spend the last night of your tour listening to relaxing Jazz music as you enjoy the view of the lake and a delicious glass of Swiss wine.

D6Friday: Departure


After breakfast, stock up on Swiss chocolate to bring home as presents (or for yourself!) and make your way home or to the next leg of your travels.

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