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Beaujolais Cycling

The itinerary takes you to the countryside of Beaujolais 5
The itinerary takes you to the countryside of Beaujolais This cycling tour takes you to vineyards of Beaujolais Admire the magnificent landscape of Beaujolais Take a tour in beautiful countryside villages Admire the ancient architecture in the countryside of Beaujolais
The itinerary takes you to the countryside of Beaujolais

Beaujolais Cycling

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  • PriceFrom 875 euros
  • DAY5 nights / 6 days

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Come and experience all that the Beaujolais region has to offer! (And no, it’s not just wine!) This beautiful region offers a wide variety of terrains for cycling and many historical sites, as well as vineyards for as far as the eye can see. Stop and picnic in the shade of a castle, or take a break and do a wine tasting. It’s the beauty of self-guided tours; the choice is up to you! 

This region is ideal for riders who are hoping to do some serious, yet relaxed cycling. You will experience many different towns in the Beaujolais region, each with its own beauty and charm. This tour starts from Macon, a city conveniently serviced by high-speed TGV trains. With an average daily mileage of 70 km (approx. 45 miles), it is a rather athletic tour designed for riders in shape, an ideal training program before proceeding to the nearby Alps!


For travel and cycling tips to Beaujolais and Burgundy, visit our "Travel and cycling tips" section.


D1Arrive in Macon. Transfer to Creches sur Saone. Loop from Creches 67 km/42 miles, 1,315 meters/4,320 ft of climbing


In Macon, we'll greet you and escort you to your lodgings at your ivy-draped 3-star property. After checking into your hotel, we will then outfit you with bikes and meticulously go over every itinerary detail before pointing you on your way. You'll follow a route that winds through a scenic landscape checkered with vineyards such as Saint-Verand and Pouilly-Fuisse.

D2Creches sur Saone to Belleville 71 km/44 miles, 1,485 meters/4,875 ft of climbing


Your route will pass the Solutre rock formation, famous for its Paleolithic remains before riding through the landscapes and places that inspired Lamartine, the 19th-century romantic poet. You'll eventually pedal into Cluny, home of the Abbey of Cluny. Built in 910, it towers as a monument to Romanesque architecture and church history. Your ride to Villie-Morgon will take you through the world-famous vineyards of Julienas, Saint-Amour, and Fleurie.

D3Loop around Belleville 71 km/44 miles, 1,350 meters/4,430 ft of climbing


Are you ready for a day of rewarding climbs through "Green Beaujolais" (Beaujolais Vert) and its picturesque villages? If so, you won't be disappointed as our detailed directions will take you to the "Terrasse d'Avenas" that offers a superb panorama over the whole Beaujolais region, the Lyonnais (the Lyon region), and further away, the impressive Alps with the Mont-Blanc. Once you're back at the hotel, Beaujolais Rouge ("Red Beaujolais") will follow "Green Beaujolais".

D4Belleville to Vaux-en-Beaujolais 53 km/33 miles, 1,265 meters/4,150 ft of climbing


Today's itinerary will take you through the "Moulin a Vent" vineyards and Romaneche where Georges Duboeuf's Wine Museum is located. Visit it or not. The decision is yours. Keep in mind that as a self-guided rider, you enjoy complete autonomy in deciding which sites to pass and which sites to marvel. 

D5Loop around Vaux-en-Beaujolais three options: 29 km/18 miles, 800 meters/2,615 ft of climbing - 37 km/23 miles, 1,015 meters/3,330 ft - 69 km/43 miles, 1,735 meters/5,685 ft of climbing


Your last day's ride will take you through "Les Pierres Dorees" and its magnificent villages made of these "golden stones" before riding back through some vineyards of the southernmost part of Burgundy. Buy a bottle of wine (or two) to bring home and share with your friends and family. Or take a last couple of pictures to share with your neighbors, the choice is yours. With three different length rides to choose from, you can go as long as you want, as hard as you want. It’s the perfect end to your cycling in Beaujolais adventure! 



After breakfast, take your time and prepare for the next part of your adventure.

Booking & Pricing

  • Price details
  • 4 nights in a 3-star hotel and 1 night in a 4-star hotel

    A minimum of 2 riders required

  • 875 euros. Single supplement is 270 euros

These prices include:

  • 5 nights' accommodation (4 nights in a 3-star hotel and 1 night in a 4-star hotel)
  • Daily breakfast
  • 4 dinners (drinks not included)
  • Meeting with our local representative
  • Luggage transfers
  • Transfer from Macon to Creches-sur-Saone (on Day 1)
  • Transfer from Vaux-en-Beaujolais to Lyon (on Day 6)
  • Marked maps and/or cue sheets and route notes
  • Pre-loaded GPS unit (subject to availability)
  • Assistance if necessary (you will be provided with our local rep's mobile number)
  • All tax and service charges

These prices do not include:

  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Travel insurance
  • Bicycle rentals. Hybrid bikes are available at the rate of 100 euros per bike. Full-carbon racing bikes are available at the rate of 190 euros per bike. These prices include the delivery and pick-up fee.

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