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Coastal Brittany: Côtes-d’Armor and the Pink Granite Coast

Faire une pause dans la campagne brétonne pendant votre séjour à vélo 6
Take a cycling break in the countryside of Brittany A view of the Pink granite coast next to Ploumanac'h This cycling trip takes riders along Brittany's coast This bike tour takes cyclists along the beautiful pink granite coast from Perros Guirrec to Ploumanac'h You will ride along the Brittany coast; past of it known as the Granite coast The little chapel of Perros Hamon next to Paimpol in the Côtes-d'Armor
Faire une pause dans la campagne brétonne pendant votre séjour à vélo

Coastal Brittany: Côtes-d’Armor and the Pink Granite Coast

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  • PriceFrom 795 euros
  • DAY6 nights / 7 days

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Explore the beautiful northern coast of Brittany! Located in France’s northwest corner, this oft-overlooked area with its rural inland roads and craggy, wave-sculpted coastline is ideally suited for bike touring. This 7-day tour begins and finishes in the historical town of Guingamp. In between, you’ll tour Brittany’s famed pink granite coast, enjoying some of its most popular seaside villages (TréguierPerros-Guirec and Ploumanac’h) as well as many of its geological wonders: Sillon de TalbertPointe du Château, and Les Septs Îles (the Seven Islands)

You’ll also spend time inland, riding through pastoral settings ornamented with tiny villages steeped in Old World ambiance. When not riding, you’ll be eating, savoring Brittany’s culinary specialties: crêpesseafoodcheeses and cider, the region’s main drink of choice.

All of the daily rides are relatively short, making this a perfect bicycle tour for riders of all levels. 


For travel and cycling tips to Brittany, visit our "Travel and cycling tips" section.


D1Arrival in Guingamp


Your tour begins in Guingamp, a town rich in historic architecture. You’ll lodge in the center of town, allowing for easy access to Guingamp’s main attractions. Have your camera ready for the Basilica Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours. Built in the 13th century, this towering Gothic structure enjoys “historic monument” status and is as impressive inside as it is outside. Later in the day, you’ll meet with one of our local representatives to go over the details of your bicycle tour. Your bikes, in the interim, will be delivered to your hotel.

D2Guingamp — Tréguier 43 km/27 miles, 455 meters/1,490 ft. of climbing


Pedal north out of Guingamp through the scenic Trieux Valley into Pontrieux. Perched along the banks of the Trieux River, this tiny medieval village is all ‘wow’. Flowers overflow from planters and window boxes, making every view a photo opportunity. From here you’ll veer west, connecting with the Jaudy River before reaching Tréguier. This beautiful port town dates back to the 6th century. Its Old Town section features a labyrinth of narrow streets, walled with stone and half-timbered buildings. The Cathedral Saint-Tugdual is not to be missed. Built in the 14th century, this gothic-style cathedral is considered an architectural masterpiece. Don’t feel rushed to see it all! This is the first of two nights in Tréguier.

D3Tréguier — Tréguier 42 km/26 miles, 385 meters/1,260 ft. of climbing or 56 km/35 miles, 555 meters/1,820 ft. of climbing


Your loop heads north up the peninsula to Sillon de Talbert, the Pointe de l’Armor.” This geological wonder of sand and pebbles is just 35 meters wide and stretches 3 kilometers into the English Channel. From here you can see the Phare des Héaux, one of France’s tallest lighthouses. If the tide is low, a hike along Sillon de Talbert’s narrow spine is highly recommended. The route then turns south, following the eastern edge of the peninsula along the Trieux estuary, famous for its oyster beds. You’ll have the chance to sample some oysters (a Brittany specialty), if you so choose, in Lézardrieux. You’ll also need to choose where to pedal from here. The shorter route wheels back to Tréguier, while the longer route continues on to Paimpol. This popular port town’s cobbled streets are lined with restaurants and cafes and lead to many noted architectural landmarks.

D4Tréguier — Perros-Guirec 27 km/17 miles, 390 meters/1,285 ft. of climbing or 41 km/26 miles, 565 meters/1,860 ft. of climbing

Today you’ll follow the Jaudy River to the sea, passing along the way through Plouguiel and then eventually reaching Plougrescant. This scenic town is noted for the Chapel of Saint-Gonéry, a classified historical monument. Dating back to the 15th century, it features a tilted spire, lending the chapel a cartoonish look. You’ll continue bicycling up the peninsula following quiet rural roads until the northernmost tip at Pointe du Château. The crashing waves against the craggy point, which is topped by a tall white cross, make for a dramatic scene. And then it’s on to Perros-Guirec, a popular seaside resort noted for its pink granite rocks and its famed former resident, author Joseph Conrad.

D5Perros-Guirec — Perros-Guirec 24 km/15 miles, 225 meters/740 ft. of climbing or 34 km/21 miles, 320 meters/1,050 ft. of climbing


The day is yours to do as you please! You can rest your legs and relax in town, or you can go for a short ride. From many years of riding here, we strongly suggest pedaling to and from Ploumanac’h — it will not disappoint. This short loop ride hugs Brittany’s famous pink granite coast, where Salvador Dali-like rock formations tower above the waves at 20 meters high. Before turning back, be sure to check out the Oratory of Saint-Guirec. Nearby lies I’île-Grande, a prominent bird sanctuary. An early return to Perros-Guirec will allow time for a boat tour of the Seven Islands Archipelago (Les Septs Îles). Hailed as the largest bird refuge in France, these rocky, wave-pounded islands are home to 27 bird species and a small rookery of gray seals. Or if you’d rather pass on the boat tour, you can stay in town and relax on one of Perros-Guirec’s famous beaches.

D6Perros-Guirec — Guingamp 56 km/35 miles, 650 meters/2,125 ft. of climbing


After a morning swim if you choose, saddle up on your bike and wheel south into Lannion. This scenic town, which straddles the River Léguer, is noted for its Old Quarter district. Half-timbered homes and old stone structures line its narrow streets, all of which are overshadowed by the Church of Brélévenez, built in the 12th century. You can visit this structure set high above the town — only by climbing up 143 steps! You’ll then continue south, mirroring the path of the River Léguer, experiencing the sleepy Brittany countryside at its best. Along the way you’ll ride through a pastoral countryside dotted with dreamy hamlets, ancient churches, old-world towns, and granite crosses at seemingly every intersection. You’ll eventually glide into Guingamp for your last night to devour delicious crêpes!



After breakfast, depart Guingamp at the time of your choice.

Booking & Prices

  • Option A
  • 2 nights in 3-star hotels facing the sea, 4 nights in 2-star hotels

  • 795 euros per person in April and October. Single supplement is 320 euros
  • 835 euros per person in May, June and September. Single supplement is 330 euros
  • 865 euros per person in July and August. Single supplement is 340 euros
  • Option A+
  • 2 nights in a 4-star hotel, 4 nights in 3-star hotels "of character" (including 2 nights
    facing the sea)

  • 1,055 euros per person in April and October. Single supplement is 435 euros
  • 1,095 euros per person in May, June and September. Single supplement is 445 euros
  • 1,135 euros per person in July and August. Single supplement is 455 euros

These prices include:

  • 6 nights' accommodation as described above
  • Daily breakfast
  • Luggage transfers
  • Marked maps and/or cue sheets and route notes
  • Pre-loaded GPS unit (subject to availability)
  • Tourist information
  • Assistance if necessary (you will be provided with our local rep’s cell number)
  • All tax and service charges

These prices do not include:

  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bike rentals. Hybrid bikes are available at the rate of 145 euros per bike. E-bikes are available at the rate of 255 euros per bike.

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