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Northern France / Flanders: Cycling through WWI Towns and Monuments

The Vimy memorial is one of the many World War I memorials you will pass on this bicycle tour.

Northern France (a region made up of the Aisne, Oise, Somme, Pas-de-Calais, and Nord) and Flanders (in Belgium) are home to World War One's Western Front. So many world-changing moments have taken place in this region that it rivals Normandy in history-creation. All along your journey, you’ll encounter famous battlefields, memorials, cemeteries, churches, and museums, as well as the rolling fields of the northern countryside.


In Amiens, the Allies launched the 100 Days' Advance to Victory, which concluded with the German surrender and the Armistice of 11 November 1918. Just north are Villers Bretonneux and Le Hamel- towns with famous battlefields that stopped German advances. In Thiépval the Battle of the Somme was fought. In Ypres, there are still 5 different trench networks.


Famous Memorials and Cemeteries include; Beaumont-Hamel Park, the Canadian Forces monument in Vimy, Polygon Woods, Kasteelpark, and Tyne Cot Cemetery.


In towns such as Arras and Béthune, towering Belfrays are prominent features of their central squares. Other notable historical buildings are the gothic Amiens Cathedral, Abbaye du Mont des Cats in Godewaersvelde, The Church of Our Lady and the Basilica of Holy Blood both in Bruges.


Northern France/Flanders is home to rich art history too. Flemish art is the style of art, especially painting, that was developed in this region during the 15th century, chiefly characterized by sharply delineated forms, naturalistic proportions, clear, usually cool colors, and the use of perspective. “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer is one such Flemish Masterpiece.


This region is also known for its hearty food, beer, and cider. Typical ingredients in the region are asparagus, potatoes, different kinds of meat, and brussels sprouts. Seafood, such as mussels and trout, are common to the region, and waffles and fries are two common snacks!

The Vimy memorial is one of the many World War I memorials you will pass on this bicycle tour. This bike tour starts from Amiens where riders will follow the river Somme and the gardens called

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