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Gourmet tours for cycling fans? Basque Country! Where else?

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With its breathtaking landscape, stunning coastline, and challenging mountain passes, the Basque Country is a paradise for cyclists seeking both scenic beauty and thrilling adventure. Bursting with vibrant culture, diverse terrain and mouth-watering cuisine, this hidden Spanish gem cannot be ignored. The rocky terrain, well-maintained roads and cycling-friendly infrastructure of the Basque region make it an ideal destination for avid cyclists.

The foodies among you will be pleased to hear that the Basque country has one of the highest number of Michelin Star restaurants per capita, making it a magnet for gourmets from all four corners of the world. Its proximity to the mountains and the sea allows for an eclectic and distinctive gastronomy. Think hearty seasonal stews, delicate cured meats, and unique desserts (a slice of Burnt Basque Cheesecake is the perfect way to treat yourself after a day of cycling!) and you’ll have an idea of the rich variety of dishes on offer in the area.

Equally affected by the isolation of surrounding areas is the language. The language of the Basque country, also known as Euskera, has no links to any other language in the world and it is home to one of the oldest surviving ethnic groups in the world, which only adds to the Basque region’s mystique and distinctiveness.

If you’re more interested in art than food and linguistics, don’t fret! There is a myriad of galleries and museums dedicated to the local history and artistic talent of the Basque Country, such as the Bilbao Guggenheim museum, which contains over 250 contemporary art pieces. Furthermore, the stunning natural parks (such as the Natural Park of Izki), are a perfect complement to this cycling tour across the Pyrenees.

Wherever your interests lie, you’ll be sure to find something to tickle your fancy in the cycling haven that is the Basque Country!

Hondarribia, basque country, spain, riding, cycling, vacation, holiday, sel-guided Pamplona, Basque country, riding, cycling, holiday, vacation, self-guided

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