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A Cycling Trip To Portugal: Choosing The Perfect Region


Ready to start your journey on a bike with Cyclomundo and explore Portugal’s enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage on a bike? In this article, we help you break down the three main regions we offer tours in, North e Porto, Centro Portugal and Libsoa. Hopefully by the end, you would be able to pin down your decision in which region is best for your next adventure!

North e Porto

The Northern part of Portugal has lots to offer, from the historic city Porto with its famous Port wine cellars, picturesque Douro Valley and its terraced vineyards, rich cultural legacy of medieval towns like Mogadouro and Pinhão, and breathtaking views of the Douro River, as seen on our tour: Wine and Gastronomy along the Douro Valley. If you plan to visit, don’t miss out on tasting some wine, getting on a river cruise and visiting the Museu do Douro for a historic and cultural experience. 


Pros: easily accessible by plane or train, one of the most historical regions, amazing wine and food!
Cons: not a lot of beaches nearby


Centro Portugal

What do you think of when Portugal comes to mind? Beautiful Atlantic beaches, vibrant local cuisine, perfect summer weather and scenery for outdoor activities… If that is what you’re looking for, Central Portugal might be the ideal destination! Compared to more popular regions like the Algarve or Lisbon, Central Portugal offers a more relaxed and authentic experience with fewer crowds. While you're there, don't miss out on these highlights of the region: Coimbra’s history, culture, and academic charm, the highest range in mainland Portugal, Serra da Estrela mountains’ breathtaking views and the well-preserved Schist Villages, offering a glimpse of traditional Portuguese life. 


Pros: quieter towns with less tourists, diverse landscape of mountains and villages
Cons: lacks touristy attractions



The South of Portugal holds the well-known capital, Lisbon, a vibrant city with its charming neighborhoods, colorful architecture, tons of delicious food and history. The liveliness of the city has made it one of the most desired destinations to visit in Europe. On our tour Lisbon and its Coast: Obidos to Cascais via Sintra, you can imagine riding through the coast with views of lush, hilly landscape, passing by beautiful fishing villages, castles and palaces, and indulging in delicious seafoods after. It truly cannot get better than that.


Pros: get to explore urban and coastal areas, lots of seafood and bright blue ocean landscapes
Cons: maybe not as enjoyable if you hate the ocean


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