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Portugal Regional Information

In this article, we cover the “basics” you need to know before traveling/cycling to Portugal. Among other topics, you’ll learn about the various ways to travel to Portugal, things to see and [...]



Travel tips for the Basque Country

In this article, we cover the “basics” you need to know before traveling/cycling to the Basque Country. Among other topics, you'll learn about the various ways to get there, things to see and do, [...]

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Getting to Mont-Saint-Michel

No trip to Normandy is complete without a visit to the historic island abbey of Mont Saint-Michel! One of the greatest architectural achievements in all of Europe, the ancient structure is a UNESCO [...]

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Latest Coronavirus Advice

  To the Cyclomundo community,    Thank you for the many kind messages we've received over the last few weeks. Your support and solidarity have deeply touched us, and we couldn’t be more [...]

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Getting to Portugal: Lisbon and Porto

Portugal is a rapidly-growing hot spot for cycling trips. With its pleasant subtropical climate, rich and diverse culture, bustling cities, and breathtaking natural scenery both inland and coastal, [...]

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Winter Bicycling Destinations

For many, winter can bring on a case of the blues. Not only do we have to contend with colder temperatures and rain or snow (or both!), but we must also find new ways to maintain an active lifestyle. [...]

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Traveling with a bike on trains in France

  First of all, you should ask yourself if you should rent or bring your own bike.   If you plan to do some riding in one small area for a couple of days, chances are that you’ll be better [...]



Things to do in Annecy

The striking color of the lake, the smell of fresh food from the vibrant street markets, the feeling of strolling around a historical castle with the mountains all around you, Annecy is a town that [...]



Things To Do In Geneva

Geneva is very close to home for us at Cyclomundo (literally). Our office is located in Gaillard, France, so we are just across the Swiss-French border. Needless to say, we love the city. Walk down [...]

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Four Ways You Can Save Money On Cycling Tours

Cycling tours are, to begin with, an affordable way to travel around the globe. But as every smart traveler knows, one can always take a few more chunks off the cost, while still enjoying the best [...]



Things to do in Aix-Les-Bains

A breathtaking part of our Three Lake Tour, Aix-les-Bains is a town nestled on France’s largest natural lake. Well known for its spa treatments, beautiful Lake Bourget views, and adventurous [...]

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Taking European Wine Home

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate European wine. Whether you are visiting wine estates on your trip or not, we highly recommend you make the most of your opportunity to taste [...]

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Organize A Trip To Alpe D’Huez

Based in the French Alps ourselves, we at Cyclomundo are the experts on cycling in the French Alps, and we of course encourage you to consider using one of our tours, like Geneva to Alpe d’Huez, [...]

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Cyclomundo's Comprehensive Travel Tips

At Cyclomundo, we have put together a basic document of general travel tips for anyone who plans on traveling abroad. For first time international travelers, these tips can help you make sure you [...]

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Managing The Heat Of Summer Cycling

Hot spells have become increasingly frequent in Europe over the past several years, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. These summer heat waves usually reach their peak in July and [...]



Bikeways And Cycle Routes In France

On our cycling tours, we try to make the most of traffic-free routes so that riders can enjoy to the fullest the scenery and landscapes around them. In France, this is greatly helped by a number of [...]

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Choosing A Family Friendly Bike Tour

So you’ve been dreaming of the perfect cycling tour for you and your family? As you may know, cycling tours are a great way for families to bond and explore new countries or regions. With the [...]

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Biking Tours With Families

Cycling tours are a great way for families to explore a new region or country. From your bicycle seat, you’ll get to know a place–with its own history, culture, sights, and smells – in a way [...]

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Cycling Tips: Traveling With Your Bike

Anyone who has taken their bike on a cycling holiday understands the many complexities and hassles that you can encounter along the way. This is not to say that renting a bicycle once you arrive is [...]

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Travel Tips: Suggested Cycling Tour Packing List

We understand the challenges you face when packing for your cycling holiday. Trying to predict the elements and figure out what activities you will be partaking in make packing for vacation hard [...]

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Organizing Your Own Trip To Mont Ventoux

Philosopher and bicycle racing fanatic Roland Barthes once said, “Physically, the Ventoux is dreadful. Bald, it’s the spirit of Dry: Its climate – it is much more an essence of climate [...]



The Lavender of Provence

If you have ever thought of getting away and taking a relaxing cycling holiday, there could be nothing more fitting then traveling at a Provençal pace, looking out over a tranquil sea of purple, and [...]

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Travel Tips: International Cell Phones

Should you stay connected while traveling abroad? If so how? Whether or not you want to stay connected while you are traveling is a very personal question. It depends on your level of responsibility [...]

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Most Romantic Destinations

After studying up on the traditions of Valentine’s Day from around the world, we have come to the conclusion that there are certain prevailing themes everywhere. Though the types, meanings, and [...]



Christmas Markets In France

France is a fabulous place to visit all year round – after all, it is the world’s most popular vacation destination. But every December, it becomes a downright winter wonderland! From the famous [...]