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Dolomites Regional Information


In this article, we cover the “basics” you need to know before traveling/cycling to the Dolomites. Among other topics, you’ll learn about the various ways to travel to the Dolomites, things to see and do, and more… 


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How to get there: Air, Train & Bus service to the Dolomites

Whether you arrive by air or by land, the Dolomites are easy to get to and is very well serviced by train and by international airlines. To learn more about travel to/from the Dolomites, do make sure to check the following articles:

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Car Rental

If you prefer instead to drive to the beginning of the tours there are many options from all the nearest major airports.


Note that drivers must be over 21 to rent a car (21-25 year olds may face extra fees) and they must possess a valid driver’s license. An International Drivers License is required for rentals in Italy.


When is the best time to travel to Dolomites?

The best time to visit really depends on your personal tastes. If you don’t mind navigating crowds of tourists and paying full price you should travel from mid-July through September when everything is open for the peak season. The weather tends to take a turn for the worse in November and from then till April is the major skiing season and therefore not ideal for biking. However, if the passes stay clear the winter can provide for some truly majestic views. May and early June is when the region shuts down to prepare for the upcoming peak tourism season. This is the ideal time for the person who prefers to avoid the crowds and who doesn’t mind most places being closed.

Bikeway along Lake Garda

What is there to do and see in Dolomites?

Although tourism in Dolomites revolves around skiing, there is plenty more to do in the area. This includes castles along the mountainside dating back hundreds of years. The area has a rich heritage and you may also visit medieval cathedrals and other historic sites. It would be remiss to leave out the Dolomites itself as something to see. The natural scenery provides for fantastic views that are an activity all on its own.

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The Terrain

The Dolomites is, of course, a portion of the Alps and the terrain is therefore characterized by the impressive mountain range. Jagged is really the most appropriate word to describe the terrain.


Dolomites lake village, Riva del Garda

Dolomites Weather and Climate

The southern location of the Dolomites gives these mountains a mild alpine climate, as they are fairly protected from the cold winds of northern Europe. This makes the region perfect for hiking and cycling. In this region, rain falls primarily in summer and autumn, generally resulting in short storms, so you may want to pack a raincoat. It remains warm through September, making it the perfect destination for a late vacation!

Dolomites Weather


Local shopping/products

Feel free to browse the local markets as they will reflect the rich mixed history of Austrian origin that has now combined with Italian culture. 


Gastronomy and Wine

The local specialties include macaroni, bean soup, and casunziei (a ravioli filled with beetroot). In addition there is a dish called speck, which is a pork leg cured in salt and spices. The area produces excellent red wine. Tenuta San Leonardo is the most notable vineyard, whose flagship wine San Leonardo has been given the prestigious three glasses award for nearly every vintage for the past 12 years.


List of Links




List of markets


  • Piazza delle Erbe – Traditional fruit and vegetable market from Monday to Saturday 7:00 to 19:00 (morning only on Saturdays).
  • Piazza Don Bosco - Food, clothes, craft: Monday
  • Via Piacenza-Via Aslago - Food, clothes, craft: Tuesday
  • Via Rovigo & Piazza Matteotti- Food, clothes, craft: Thursday
  • Piazza della Vittoria and surrounding- Food, clothes, craft: Saturday

More information at: www.bolzano-bozen.it/en/markets-bolzano.htm

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