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Travel Tips: Suggested Cycling Tour Packing List


We understand the challenges you face when packing for your cycling holiday. Trying to predict the elements and figure out what activities you will be partaking in make packing for vacation hard enough, but with the added complication of packing for biking, it can become a very daunting task. Cyclomundo is here to help! Below you’ll find our suggested packing lists for bike equipment, items to have in your panniers or backpack, clothing for cycling, clothing/items you may want for your leisure time, as well as some tips and pointers that can help while you are packing.


Having your bike properly prepared before you leave and bringing the appropriate equipment can mean the difference between smooth-sailing and backbreaking your vacation. The following is a list of the eqauipment for your bike you should have with you during your cycling trip.

Bike Equipment

✓ Rental Bike or Bike in good condition (recently checked)
✓ Tube and patch kit (glue, patches, levers)*
✓ Lock*
✓ Panniers or Bike Bags*
✓ Pump or CO2 cartridges**
✓ Chain tool and chain link
✓ Wrenches*** spoke wrench and screwdriver

*If you rent with us these are provided.
**Pumps are provided with hybrid rental bikes, and CO2 cartridges are provided with racing bike rentals. Please note that co2 cartridges are not allowed on planes.
***If you are renting a bike and bringing your own pedals and cycling shoes and your tour finishes in a different location from the starting point, we advise you to bring your own wrench with which to retrieve your pedals at the end. We suggest you put said wrench in your checked luggage.

Optional Equipment if Renting

✓ Bike Pedals
✓ Saddle


This is a list of the items you should have for your daily rides. Some of the items are optional but suggested and may vary depending on your itinerary and the weather. If you rent with us we provide panniers that can fit these items, but you may choose to bring your own backpack to carry while touring off-bike.

✓ Small backpack (with warm rainproof cover)
✓ 1 or 2 water bottles (and cages, if your bike lacks them) or a camelback
✓ Itinerary, marked map and all the additional travel information (hotel and taxi, phone numbers; local contacts, etc…)
✓ Waterproof pouch with an ID or passport and information on your insurance (zip lock bags work perfectly)
✓ Local currency and/or credit cards
✓ Windbreaker/poncho/extra layer
✓ Sunglasses and sunscreen
✓ Camera
✓ Cycling gloves
✓ Ankle/leg bands or rubber bands
✓ Any preferred snack food (energy bars, fruit, drinks)
✓ A first-aid kit (just in case!)


What clothes you choose to wear while you cycle should only depend on one factor: your COMFORT. Regardless of whether you are trying to tackle the hardest climbs or plan on stopping at every site, being comfortable is the most important thing to remember to ensure you enjoy your trip.  As cycling culture varies just as much as any other culture, the list below is only suggested and may not reflect what is comfortable for you.



✓ Shirts/Jerseys/Base-layers (made of breathable moisture-wicking material)
✓ Cycling shorts/tights (padded)
✓ Rain Gear
✓ Light, loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt or extra layer (to protect against the sun or cooler temperatures)
✓ Socks
✓ Riding gloves
✓ Cycling shoes (with waterproof covers)



✓ Shirts/Jerseys/Base-layers (Long sleeved)
✓ Biking Capris, Tights, or Pants (wind/ waterproof)
✓ Rain Gear
✓ Windproof jacket/pullover/fleece
✓ Leg and Arm Warmers
✓ Socks
✓ Long-fingered gloves
✓ Hat/Headband (that fits under your helmet)
✓ Cycling shoes (with waterproof covers)


While packing for your time off your bike, you should pack everything you would pack on any other leisure trip (shoes, clothes, underwear, etc.) — just in smaller quantities. On all of our trips and in most of the smaller provincial towns throughout France and Europe, dining is casual with jeans and a dress shirt typical. However, in some of the larger cities and at the more luxurious hotels, smart casual or semi-formal dining attire is more the norm. It is a good idea to have at least one nice outfit for attending a more formal dinner, but depending on your planned itinerary, this could vary. For any walking tours or day trips, jeans and comfortable walking shoes are staples. Below is an outlined list of suggested items for a week trip.

✓ Shirts (3 or 4)
✓ Sweaters (1 or 2)
✓ Jeans (1)
✓ Slacks/Capris/Shorts (1 or 2)
✓ Sneakers/Sandals/Walking Shoes (1 pair beside riding shoes)
✓ Underwear
✓ Socks
✓ Toiletries

Please note that laundry services are not included in any of our trips, but may be available depending on your accommodations. Generally, in summer riding months if you rinse out a cycling outfit or clothing in the evening and hang it out to dry, it will be dry by morning.

Don’t Forget:

✓ Passport (valid through the end of the trip)
✓ Trip Vouchers
✓ Luggage Tags/Identification
✓ Local Currency
✓ Outlet Adaptor/Converter
✓ Chargers
✓ Extra memory cards, film, etc.
✓ Your favorite guidebook



  • Am I comfortable in this?
    • If it is not something you are comfortable wearing at home then you will be less likely to wear it while you travel and it will become a dead weight.
  • Does this layer under or over something?
    • Layering is an essential technique of packing as items that layer easily keep you prepared for the different weather conditions you can expect to encounter.
  • Is this versatile and will I be able to wear it with many things or more than once?
    • Similar to layering, the ability to wear items of clothing repeatedly and the ability to pair them with many different outfits will limit what is needed to bring and keep you looking fresh.
  • Does this wash and wear easily or does it need to be dry cleaned?
    • It is a terrible burden to pack something that requires pressing or dry-cleaning before you can wear it. Packing items that remain relatively wrinkle free and can be washed and worn again is your best option.
  • Always remember less is more! 
    • Although all of our tours include luggage transfers, less luggage will make it easier for you to pack up and hit the road so you can be off on your next adventure!


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